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06/Jul/2014 I was just coming to you to show you something of few friends from DA are working on.. a short animated 2d film.
They are trying to get funds so they can bring it to life, If you can help with anything it would be great. And take a close look at the prizes there like storyboard books, artbooks, key animation books etc
More info here :
11/Jun/2014 I created a facebook page for making contests and stuff
Please give us a "like", i'll be doing the fan character contest there soon.

Also, From now the latest news will be appearing on top,

31/May/2014 Thanks to a friend who explained me that people expect updates every 7 days.. I never said i'll update each 7 days exactly (thought i try to do it) ... is not like i manage a tv network or something, this small business is affected for many common mundane life facts... if a artist of my team get sicks, if i have to accept more commissions cuz i need money (delaying other projects)... if i feel i need a couple of days off for rest ..... or if i just received too much messages to reply and is delaying me...(and nobody can reply for me)... i try to update weekly but is not like i can always do it, i'm just letting you know guys.
19/May/2014 -Cant Believe i didn't announced anything on April :P , New Little Tails Comic in a week :D
-Posted 4 new comics 2 days ago :P ..enjoy.
-Also this YOUTUBE LINK - i love it :D (new single released just days ago)
13/May/2014 Regarding the new "Penauts" 3d trailer..

It looks great cuz.... well.. look at it.. it's mostly drawn.. they used the 3d to copy the drawing techniques... i like it, kinda....

11/Mar/2014 -New comic on Palcomix VIP, this time for Rozen Maiden fans
-Mobius Unleashed sales returned to a regular status, thanks to all people who keep supporting us
-Gallery 8 was Updated
12/Feb/2014 -I know there was a lack of updates on January, but to compensate that we did a Big Update today... is not like we didn't worked on the comics, it's just didn't had enought time to upload the new pages :P
27/Jan/2014 Mobius Unleashed memberships number is pretty low >_< we are thiking on close the whole network... it will be the end of an era
21/Nov/2013 -Gallery 7 wa updated yesterday


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